EPHECT TV 100...

"Ephect TV100" is my new visual interactive marketing tool that Im (ephect) producing for my YouTube channel, socialmedia platforms, official website and other internet outlets. 

Ephect TV 100 will interact with its viewers and formally introduce them to whom and what "Ephect" is... Get to know a little more about me, personally, my business and my music/brand "EPHECT" 

My new online interactive platform loaded with interviews, Commercials, Skits, Music Showcasing, Merch marketing, business Tips, jewels, gems Behind The Scenes, and other interesting and entertainment in a visual format... 
EphectTV100 will be broken up into several full length episodes! 

  WATCH "EPISODE 101" ON YOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFt4FcnVMZ8

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