"The Nphection" album

Track by Track Review 

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1.  Nphected – A perfect album opener and somewhat of an autobiographical letter from Ephect updating his audience about what’s been going in his life since he last dropped. The beat has a dreamy sonic landscape. Coupled with Ephect’s rhyme style, Nphected is a wonderful way to begin this journey.

2.  Call Me Ephect – With one foot in the door, Ephect makes it known that he is not the one to be played. This braggadocio offering from Ephect is a sure to win the hearts of rap purists.

3.  Deep Shit – Still reigning king of metaphors, Ephect’s inventiveness comes to the fore with Deep Shit. Both intense and sarcastic at the same time Deep Shit is a refreshing track that adds to Nphection’s blissful continuity.

4.. Sinister – The exotic beat is what keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. Willing, ready, and able for some more flavors from Ephect, this is an epic rap tune that one must meditatively keep their finger on the rewind button to grasp its full meaning.

5.  Narcissistic – One of my favorite joints on this album, Ephect’s paints a cinematic episode about his life and flaring ego. It’s enjoyable hearing Ephect switch up his flow over this lavish beat.

6.  Its Unbelievable – A manual on how to overcome the ocean of sarcasm that haters often try to spew on one’s ambition. Its Unbelievable is Ephect’s iron flag of hardcore servings made available to you and yours. You got to love the ingenuity behind this track.

7.  Eastside (feat. Koz) – A very soulful gem that adds to the depth of the album. Ephect is on point as usual, and the Eastside is enriched by a guest appearance by Koz.

8.  Movin – A tremendous track with a dark landscape. The groove is enthralling. One amazing thing about the Nphection album is Ephect’s ability to change flows and to a subtle degree, personas.

9.  Lets Make It Hot – Witty lyrics and hook. Ephect makes this party tune come to life by treating his audience to a night at the club.

10.  She Knows What – An exceptional rap song that is an excellent example of Ephect’s lyrical capability. Ephect’s performance behind the mic is explosive.

11.  Babygurl Do Ya Thang – After spilling notes about hip-hop romance, Ephect takes things to the passionate side of the streets with Babygurl Do Ya Thang, a track about the sexual things in life that stands in stride with the best of them.

12.  I Want You – At this stage of the album, listeners will begin to realize that Nphection is a concept album that reveals some of Ephect’s true-to-life experiences. In this case, I Want You is one segment in Ephect’s story about a deep romance.

13.  Luv Loss – An acoustically driven rap song about the pains that come with the loss of a relationship, very well produced.

14.  Driving Me So Crazy – Life in the fast lane or just the speed of day-to-day leaving can put us on the brink of insanity. Ephect takes us on a journey through the mental streets of the mind during hard times.

15.  Hindsight – A very enchanting track with an intense beat. Ephect raps about wising up to some of life’s lessons and what we can learn from our mistakes.

16.  Some Trust (feat. Jayre) Another gem out of the Nphection treasure chest, the track is skillfully produced and Jayre’s appearance adds the needed estrogen to the topic of relationships.

17.  Fear Out The Window (feat. Switch Dash Blade) – An impressive collaboration with Switch Dash Blade, Ephect takes things to another level with a song about being all that you can be.

18.  As The Ink Spills – Ephect concludes the Nphection album with another testimony about how hard he’s been grinding to make his musical dreams happen. Yet, the energy behind Ephect’s story is the same window that opens into our world of experience.

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